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La la aha..

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Oct. 7th, 2008 | 12:23 am

There are times that I often wonder if everything is just going wrong from right. But I have to be wrong about almost everything around me. Who just got through something that seems to be alright in the end? No...bo...dy. How can I stand up anymore? It sucks to be me... I want to sing my heart out!!!!!!! An...y...way...s.... Who cares what is going on anymore? If you wish to fall, then let me follow behind. I'm not going to stop you anymore. Go...od...by...e. Tata. I really should stop watching too many animes... lol... The new ones are a bit different and awesome. I want to write a story... but I know that I can't finish like I used to... maybe... just maybe I should start typing my mind out so that I can at least clear that up before I start writing stories again. Songs don't matter because they seem to be always about real life anymore. Anyways... Nickelback has a new song just so you know... I like the song... it kind of matches me for some reason. Oh, well... I just want to sing my heart... Maybe try out Karaoke again on myspace... so if you have one, ADD ME to listen to me sing. Yay!

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