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Will no longer be posting here...

Jan. 29th, 2009 | 11:55 pm

I will have another blog... please go there... thank you. http://afaeriejourney.blogspot.com/

There Is No Subject

Nov. 20th, 2008 | 03:10 pm

I hate myself... I hate myself... I just wish I could never be alive... Damn my life...

When Darkness lied to me. A new song...

Nov. 3rd, 2008 | 08:51 pm

I can't wake up without knowing what tomorrow is like anymore.
I can't understand what is behind every door.
I am always happy but now I am always sad.
I just hate to know what seems to be mad.

When darkness lied to me, I couldn't stand up and listen to my heart.
When blindness can never see, I will let myself break apart.
When I need someone, I know that I would never be awake.
When darkness lied to everyone, it would be hard to know what is fake.

There are times that I just want to scream out loud in pain.
There are times that I want to stand out in the pouring rain.
I can never understand how I should really feel.
I just wish I knew what was real.

When darkness lied to me, I couldn't stand up and listen to my heart.
When blindness can never see, I will let myself break apart.
When I need someone, I know that I would never be awake.
When darkness lied to everyone, it would be hard to know what is fake.

Bury my heart deep into the darkness of the ground.
I know that there is no way of turning around.
It's not hard to tell what is fate.
But guess changing ways could already be too late.

When darkness lied to me, I couldn't stand up and listen to my heart.
When blindness can never see, I will let myself break apart.
When I need someone, I know that I would never be awake.
When darkness lied to everyone, it would be hard to know what is fake.

Top 100 Male Name List... randomly generated!

Nov. 1st, 2008 | 02:06 am

If you like the name, please put a "x" beside the name! Please send the list back to me after you selected the names! Thank you!!!

Alfonso Gilberto Graves
Antoine Jamar Wade
Barton Knapp
Clyde Knowles
Dannie Raymundo Vazquez
Darin Rufus Reyes
Del Hicks
Dominic Riggs
Dwain Espinoza
Ed Bird
Eduardo Lynch
Emilio Mcgowan
Ervin Duncan
Ervin Oren Patton
Florencio Philip Weeks
Frankie Patel
Gayle Patrick
Glen Santana
Grant Columbus Sweet
Gregorio Wilber Richards
Homer Cunningham
Hoyt Galen Riggs
Jaime Herrera
Keith Rupert Jensen
Kelvin Summers
Kieth Rodrick Rivera
Kris Torres
Kristopher Snider
Kurtis Sexton
Lucius Armstrong
Marlon Delacruz
Marvin Bowers
Mose Petty
Napoleon Tuan Nolan
Otha Merrill
Porter Robertson
Renato Eaton
Renato Odom
Royal Summers
Sean Junior Roth
Sean Valentine
Simon Wynn
Terence Floyd Lopez
Terrance Love
Terry Warren
Timothy Meyer
Valentine Lino Pitts
Walter Jospeh Orr
Weston Johnathon Deleon
Zack Rolf Burnett
Arron Schmidt
Ben Hendricks
Benedict Downs
Bernie Mervin Poole
Chas Cory Hyde
Dale Bert Curry
Dante Augustine Barton
Desmond Erasmo Hogan
Devon Erick Strong
Doyle Finley
Elmer Numbers Chandler
Erich Weiss
Felton Keneth Irwin
Galen Freeman
Gerald Rosario
Gregg Barton Stewart
Ike Holland
Jackson Ortiz
Jake Chen
Jame Becker
Jeffery Wright
Josiah Carlton Irwin
Kris Bryant
Lenard Clement Vinson
Leopoldo Francis
Lucius Terrell Burke
Manual Chet Pruitt
Marty Massey
Mickey Gail Ewing
Miguel Joel Berger
Monroe Chang
Monroe Jerald Alford
Noel Jerrod Pennington
Palmer Granville Brown
Ramiro Walton
Randolph Wilkinson
Reinaldo Kareem Lynch
Robt Edwin Holcomb
Roscoe Golden
Roy Richie Palmer
Shirley Joshua Castaneda
Stefan Elvis Black
Taylor Curtis
Titus Davis Cruz
Ulysses Patrick Stevens
Vern Trinidad Flynn
Vicente Logan Mooney
Wilton Matthew Roy
Winfred Gray
Zack Carney

Random names... need to know which is the best... Top 100 female names. Male names come after.

Nov. 1st, 2008 | 02:03 am

If you like the name, please put a X by it. They are randomly generated. Female names are only in this list. This list must be sent back to me, please!

Alyce Frederick
Amparo Marjorie England
Arline Dora Chang
Aurelia Lorena Todd
Brandie Ford
Brooke Gentry
Candace Rochelle Everett
Cara Mara Wilson
Catalina Noelle Lindsay
Christa Jeri West
Claudine Anne Miles
Dixie Florence Maxwell
Donna Iris Estrada
Elisa Anastasia Moreno
Ernestine Shari Watkins
Eunice Kayla Hunter
Haley House
Harriett Hines
Helen Lucia Briggs
Hope Blair
Jacklyn Melinda Hogan
Jennifer Karin Moody
Jocelyn Brady
Joni Frederick
Josephine Katie Wall
Karla Diana Carver
Karyn Joni Barnett
Kayla Cantu
Latoya Spence
Leanna Holden
Lucille Trudy Rojas
Lynda Beatrice Phelps
Mai Herminia Santos
Mai Meagan Payne
Marian Carver
Marina Steele
Marissa King
Maureen Joseph
Maxine Kerr
Mia Kristy Burt
Natalie Mavis Mejia
Noemi Davis
Nona Barnett
Queen Vazquez
Rosella Price
Roxie Sara Vazquez
Susana Carter
Tonya Lesa Mckay
Tori Mariana Wiley
Virgie Kathryn Hart
Adeline Claudine Talley
Alberta Milagros Lyons
Aline Beverly Jefferson
Allyson Hansen
Angela Pierce
Annabelle Morris
Avis Carole Meyers
Beverly Burton
Carmela Hernandez
Christie Campos
Christina Brenda Donaldson
Colette Leah Cooke
Cristina Adriana Matthews
Della Tricia Mccormick
Dorothy April Abbott
Edna Robbins
Elinor Juliette George
Elnora Dona Bass
Enid Lucille Buckley
Inez May Gould
Ingrid Clements
Josefina Millie Blevins
Julie Torres
Juliette Queen Parks
Justine Kristie Morris
Kimberly Gonzalez
Kristina Janell Potter
Kristy Verna Livingston
Lelia Dixie Bradley
Leonor Gretchen Stafford
Liliana Garza
Lorena Latasha Merrill
Lourdes Kay Solis
Lynda Stokes
Lynette Jeannie Noel
Marcia Arline Holloway
Margaret Kristine Carroll
Maryann Melisa Herrera
Pamela Clare Mcclure
Paulette Luna
Pauline Jade Romero
Rae Sabrina Fitzpatrick
Ronda Tori Hatfield
Rosanna Joni Brown
Sasha Black
Shana Meredith Wolf
Sheri Kristen Aguirre
Tameka Alta Wilder
Valarie Adams
Velma Glover

Thanks! Now for the male top 100 name randomly generated!

La la aha..

Oct. 7th, 2008 | 12:23 am

There are times that I often wonder if everything is just going wrong from right. But I have to be wrong about almost everything around me. Who just got through something that seems to be alright in the end? No...bo...dy. How can I stand up anymore? It sucks to be me... I want to sing my heart out!!!!!!! An...y...way...s.... Who cares what is going on anymore? If you wish to fall, then let me follow behind. I'm not going to stop you anymore. Go...od...by...e. Tata. I really should stop watching too many animes... lol... The new ones are a bit different and awesome. I want to write a story... but I know that I can't finish like I used to... maybe... just maybe I should start typing my mind out so that I can at least clear that up before I start writing stories again. Songs don't matter because they seem to be always about real life anymore. Anyways... Nickelback has a new song just so you know... I like the song... it kind of matches me for some reason. Oh, well... I just want to sing my heart... Maybe try out Karaoke again on myspace... so if you have one, ADD ME to listen to me sing. Yay!

Hehe... type this... let me see if you are faster... :)

Oct. 7th, 2008 | 12:20 am

53 words


Part one: All Hallow's Eve

Sep. 30th, 2008 | 09:24 pm

Chapter One: Death's Embrace and Death's Son

I lay awake in my bed. Having nightmares were not good to me. I just don't know what to do anymore since I knew that my life would take a turn for the worst. I hate to sleep every night without knowing what these nightmares are all about. I hate to just not sleep and never understand the source of almost anything in this world.

I slowly got out of my bed. It had the covers of moon, sun and stars all over it. With matching wall paint surrounding me. I am not what some people think I am. I am not a vampire, yet, I act like I am one. I sighed as I stared at my black laptop sitting on the desk... there was a message blinking to tell me that I have email. It did not made any noise, but of course, could explain why I was able to slept through a deep silence in my room.

And people thinks that I am a witch because I have a collection of faeries, wizards, and dragons in my whole home. But I'm not a witch. I am just an 18 year old woman with a lot of money. After, my parents and grandparents had died, I just inherited many things from them. It was my grandmother who had painted the whole house with a different theme for each room. It was unique and I was very much like her.

Of course, I decided to stop staring around my room and just go to my bathroom which the theme took after mermaids. The walls looked like waves, the shower looked like bubbles. The mirror took the shape after a bubble too. I stared into the mirror at my dark green eyes. My face looked tired but it was all because I couldn't sleep right. My black messy hair looked like something went inside and just caused tangles to appear. I sighed gently as I began to brush my hair out. The tangles got loose quickly. I took a long shower, trying to get myself awake.

After the long shower, I went into my walk in closet and just grabbed a long black Lolita dress. I dressed myself into my undergarments and put the dress over me. I gently tied the bows on the back of the dress. I went to the dresser in the back of the closet and grabbed some stockings. The boots were closely by the chair where I sat down and put the stockings on carefully not to untie the bows behind my back. I then slip the boots on and zipped the sides. I walked back into the bathroom to start doing my hair. I tied some bows in my hair and decided to leave it to that. I closed the bathroom door to see the tall mirror hanging. I stared at myself and sighed gently.

I was ready to go to work. I cosplayed for a living. It is what gives me my money for food and some of the bills. I only inherited the rich part but I still have to make a living anyways. I just can't sit around like a rich person would. I just don't like doing anything. Wearing these dresses proved to be worthy to me though. I liked doing this.

I heard the phone ringing and went to answer it. "Hello?" I asked through the receiver.

"Danielle? I hope that this is you on the phone, but I need you to come down the store right now." A voice said on the other said. It could only be my boss at Lolita Tea Cafe.

"Misty, you know that I live on my own." I sighed as I told her. "But, I am just getting ready to head out of the door though. Do you need anything while I'm on the way there?"

"Well, now that you mention... well, could you stop by the jewelry store and pick up my order for me?" Misty, my boss, asked me.

"Sure. If you trust me that much..." I started to make a joke but stopped short.

"Dani, you know that I trust you." Misty sighed. "Stop being a failure to jokes too."

"Alright, Misty. I'll be there, then, along with your pick up order." I sighed gently as I hung up the phone.

I went to get my purse and just locked my doors as I went out to the street. People would always stare at me, both at my dress and where I live. I walked down the street of Hallow's Eve Street. Another thing that my grandmother liked because of the name of the street. Maybe she was a witch back in the day? Oh, well, I thought as I just walked down the street. I was about to turn the corner when I bumped into a man. I heard a gasp and then I looked at the man. He looked like he was in a rush since he ignored me and just walked past me after I rudely bumped into him. I started after him but it was my turn to gasp when I saw him crossing the street, during the busy traffic. I ran after him to stop him but then I turned in time to noticed a car coming at me. I screamed and heard a crash but that was all I heard before I began to feel pain and a darkness started to come over me.

2 days later:

I woke up, but I could still see darkness. I heard voices though. I couldn't understand them at first but slowly, I began to strain to hear what the voices are saying.

"She should be dead..." A voice whispered, which was a woman.

"She is dead." A man's voice whispered now.

"Not that kind of dead! She didn't need to be kidnapped right when that accident happened." The woman's voice said.

"It was my fault for crossing the damn street during a busy traffic time." The man sighed.

"Hmph. Again, she does not need to know about us... It would be best if we could put a stake through her heart now." The woman growled...

Growled? What? Where am I? And a stake? What the hell is this woman talking about? I was scared.

"No! She is not that type of dead... I merely healed her." The man growled back at her.

My body ached a bit... I moaned a bit. I heard some noises and then I opened my eyes, staring at faces. They were staring back at me. "What...?"

"Hush, Danielle... you'll be fine." The man said gently.

"Ok... Wait! How did you know my name?" I asked him.

"I looked in your purse." He said promptly.

Oh... how dumb should I get? I took my purse liked I suppose to do... but something made me think of something else.

"How did I survive that? I felt the pain and the darkness." I said confused.

"I saved you... I revived you from Death's Embrace... he was almost hugging you closer to death, but I made a deal." He said...

"A deal?!" I said with harmony with the woman that was behind the man.

"Before we get to that..." The man sighed. "My name is Phillip de Frezechez. This is my mother, Hope de Frezechez."

"Um... my name is Danielle Cruzen." I merely said in a mumble. "And the deal with death?"

"Well, about that... well... I told him in return that I could find him a better victim. And that you would serve me." Phillip said.

I only stared at him... I began to feel weak but not because of him, but because I was feeling warily around him.

"It's not that hard for me to make a deal with Death..." Phillip stated, "You see... my dad is Death alone."

Then I let darkness consume me since then I fainted with disbelief

To be continued in Chapter Two... if I ever get there.

There Is No Subject

Sep. 25th, 2008 | 11:19 pm

Hmm... No... no. no. no. no... Damn, they ruin Inkheart... Apparently, they took all THREE (though the last one is not out yet) into one movie. That makes the movie worse than ever. Whose idea was it to ruin the best book ever? THEM. Heck... Spiderwick was much better than any movie based on book I've seen... especially a children book. Oh, well.

Darius Rucker - Don't Think (And he's county now!)

Sep. 2nd, 2008 | 11:38 pm