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Aug. 4th, 2008 | 11:39 pm

Yep... more likely, it's having hiccups but good lord... it sounds like a turkey. ~*falls over.*~ Who knew... And it is wearing a John Deere Collar to even make it more odd... Oh, well.

What do you think I should do?

Jul. 21st, 2008 | 07:18 pm

Should I go up in Louisville, KY and try out for America Idol next time it comes around? Well.... I do want to sing... I know, I got an idea... Hehe. By the way... Miley Cyrus should be a country star NOT a pop star... she's got a song on her new album that made her sound really good and guess what? It's close to being a country song. So... what do you think? Boo ya! Oh, yea... forgot another detail... I've decided that I am not completely disappearing... I have somebody that I still wish to sing with me as a friend and my true friend only. So, yea... if it were possible we could make our own studio and sing it out loud... Oh, and if I were at the auditions right now, I would be cussing Simon out unless he thinks I am good... and besides, doesn't he like country anyways? Whoop De Doo. Back to listening to random music... Oh, I'm still thinking about learning more Japanese AND singing in Japanese... wouldn't that be so cool though? ~*falls over and ides*~ If anybody is interested in talking to me, I usually go on AIM and MSN... so yea... TA TA.

I might just be disappearing from here...

Jul. 17th, 2008 | 11:25 pm

It's official. I am leaving livejournal for a bit. I guess it just bothers me to just talk to myself on here. Anyways, goodbye to those who use lj too. Oh, and I'm not actually deleting the account... I'm just going to let it go to waste. I want to leave my account open just to get the poems and lyrics out of the way. Yay! Now ta for ever.

There Is No Subject

Jun. 21st, 2008 | 09:51 pm

I was in Virginia for two days and I want to go back but I wished my dad had planned out the trip a lot better... ~*sigh*~ Maybe next time, I'll go with somebody else there.

I have a lot on my mind... lately...

Jun. 16th, 2008 | 11:22 pm

I am planning to self publishing a book of poems and lyrics... if you are interested in getting a book, please tell me because I am willing to give away a free copy but only if you promise not to steal any of my ideas. Since the website I am going on is going to do the copyright for me, it will be better to publish first and then give away raw copies of the book. So, ask now before I complete it or never get it. I am doing this so that I can get into writing more. So, yay!

So here I am...

Jun. 4th, 2008 | 09:29 pm

I'm not sure why I even update these things every once in a while? Anyways, I might decide to sneak away from this... if you wish to add me on Facebook or Myspace, just ask me... I mostly go on Facebook about anymore though. Anyways, time to go... ta!

Something Random... YAY.

May. 25th, 2008 | 12:01 am

"I must be in some kind of nightmare..."
"Yes, yes, you are in fact"
"Whoa! What's wrong with you?"
"Oh, I didn't know it was you."
"Who are you?"
"Why are you asking me? You know me!"
"You're sure?"
"I'm not alive, you know?"
"So? I'm not dead either."
"Ok, you're getting all weird on me."
"Well, this is my nightmare, right?"
"No... it's not yours."
"Then it's yours?"
"No... *sigh*... really I'm not sure."
"You're saying a ghost, maybe?"
"I'm the ghost, idiot."
"So? I'm a human."
"You're the one that is having this nightmare."
"So, it is my nightmare."
"Dang, I was suppose to convince you that it's not."
"So you could kill yourself?"
"Why? Then I wouldn't be alive."
"Yea... seems to not be working so good."
"Get why I am not dead."
"So, you want to go out?"
"I'm not alive."
"So? I am not dead, nor alive, but the undead."
"Isn't that like... being dead?"
"I'm not sure."
"This must be a huge nightmare..."
"CRAP! *die*"
"For a person who keeps saying their not alive sure can die awfully fast ina nightmare."

Don't she look like she is screaming? This is Peaches! Photoshop anybody?

May. 17th, 2008 | 11:50 pm

Days go by once again... in reality...

May. 11th, 2008 | 11:33 pm

Death signifies who we are in remembrance. Maybe not all people wouldn't be remembered because time goes on and on. We are born again, we die again, we live another life. We begin, We End, We are stuck in the middle of an ongoing story that seems to never end unless something causes it to end. It's just something seems to never stop though. Children are born everyday and everyday something happens. Every hour on the hour, something is wrong. Every single second, something just happened. It's just too real to even notice such things. Death is not an answer to ending emotional realities. But yet, it happens. It's truly sad to even see something like this to happen to us all. Close friends disappearing. Closer families disappearing. Soon we would disappear. It's hard to realize that everything just keeps going on. Who will tell our stories later on in the future? Even if there was none, at least our history could stick around if not destroy.

We may never know where to turn once or twice or so on in a lifetime. We may not seek out revenge when it was supposed to be needed. It hurts when we know the impossible may still be the impossible. Our pain devours our souls even though we can never open up our eyes, our hearts and much deeper into our own lives. It's hard to understand what is going on anymore. News might shows us the truth but there are lies too. I once saw a bumper sticker that said this "When Clinton Lied, No one Died." It's a strange thought to bring into this world. There would be danger but there would be risks that we all must face and take. If we must lie, should that always mean that we can never die? It's defying every single rule of religious law.

There are even harsh realities when we once stood on the edge of death. We may have been in car crashes, train wrecks, storms, close to airplane crashes, school shootings or whatever danger scenes and still live to tell the tale. It's not an awful thought to think about what is really going in our own world. We all may have to cry, laugh, smile, enjoy and so on with what we got in our life. So please people if you wish to die, do not die just yet. There are things that are meant to be but your life to end at a young age is just not the answer.

I always taught myself since I was a young child to leave if things are hurting you. I became a loner once in my life but only because there were things going on that were hurting me like nothing other. I've been through many deaths including those who were and weren't close to me. I've been through arguments and days where I couldn't just do anything at all. I've been through so many things that is just hard to believe. I never seen death in action but I have seen the after effects. I knew about death ever since I was 7 years old! This is how I realize that books and writing and singing made me different.

Discovering my talents is not that hard to find. I never in a day in my life had thought about killing myself. Of course, I would say that "I hate my life." but it never in my entire life means that I would hurt myself. I would never dare to listen to people who wanted me to do things that would hurt me. I am glad that I have friends and family that are better than that. Life is just so much better if you are able to enjoy it.

And as I realize that days go by once again... this is the reality of a person who enjoys fantasy much more than anybody. There might be people that might enjoy fantasy much more but at least it is life. Death may be a remembrance to some people. In my death, not now but when the time comes later on, I want to have a family, a life, a book, a movie, a couple of dogs, and see everything in my life become a beautiful life. It might be a lie, but at least I am able to be awake and enjoy it. And how do you enjoy a lie? It's a lie that can never be a lie. Till then, I shall enjoy for what I want to be right now. So should everybody else. Until another random thought by me, Brandy D. Kirby.

There Is No Subject

May. 4th, 2008 | 10:51 pm

I'm going to attempt to do Karaoke on Myspace... no joke... YEA. I am going to do... now just to figure out where to plug the mic... ~*wants to sing Paula Albuele(?) dance song... not sure why*~